Basic steps to becoming a Logan Volunteer Firefighter/EMT:

-  Make sure you're ready to commit

-  Contact the Logan Fire Station

-  A membership application will need to be filled out

-  Background and screening process will be completed

-  Inform the Logan membership what your desires are.  Being a Firefighter, EMT, First Responder, Fire Police, Administrator, there are many areas where individuals can serve 

Our Mission

The Logan Fire Company No. 1  had been organized and re-organized, all within the first four years of its initial existence, 1868 to 1872. Through the years, it had been known variously as the Logan Steam Fire Company, Logan Hose No. 1, Logan Hose Company Bellefonte Fire Company,Logan Fire Company of Bellefonte, and what is now the Logan Fire Company No. 1.

Our History

 July 7, 2016:

 Engine 111 took first place in the "Best Appearing Engine 10 years and newer" category at the Snow Shoe parade on July 6th. Thank you to the Snow Shoe Volunteer Fire Company for having us.


100% Volunteer Firefighters/EMTs

  • 69% of firefighters in the U.S. are volunteers
  • Volunteer time for training, public education, fundraising, and other non-emergency related activities
  • Financially supported by taxes, as well as corporate and other private donations, and federal grants
  • First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, Hazardous Materials

Mission Statement:  The Company's objective shall be the prevention of fires and protection of lives and property of the citizens of the Bellefonte fire protection area and mutual aid areas when called upon.

Logan Fire Company No. 1  is a 100% volunteer fire company composed of volunteers who perform fire suppression and other related emergency services for the Bellefonte Borough and surrounding Spring, Benner, and Marion Townships.


 July 7, 2016:

 The 44th Annual Logan Fire Co. No. 1 parade had another successful year. Thanks to all that showed up to support the parade. Below is a list of the winners of the parade.

2016 Logan Fire Company No. 1 Parade winners

Twirler Groups

1st Place                Dreams                                $100

2nd Place               Nittany Dreamers            $50

3rd Place               Diamondettes                   $25


Apparatus                                                        Fire Company                                                  County of Fire Company

Engine 10 years and newer                          Howard Fire Company                                   Centre County

Engine 10 years and older                            Walker Twp. Fire Company                          Centre County

Specialty Unit                                                  East Derry Fire Company                              Lewistown, Mifflin County

Aerial                                                                 Alpha Fire Company                                      Centre County

Engine Rescue                                                Pleasant Gap Fire Company                        Centre County 

Tanker                                                               Houtzdale Fire Company                             Clearfield County            

Rescue                                                              Hope Fire Company                                      Centre County

Longest distance traveled                            Citizens Hose Company Fire Company    Renovo, Clinton County

Bruce Garner Award                                       Alpha Fire Company                                     Centre County 

Robert Frazier Award                                     PSU Hazmat Truck                                         Centre County

Founder’s Award                                             Pleasant Gap Ambulance                             Centre County

Latest News:

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   Contributions are deductible: Public Charity Status 501 (c) (3), section 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi)

Members of the Logan Fire Company No. 1  receive some form of training, either in a formal or informal setting. The level and type of basic and specialty training varies. There are training programs equal to that of paid fire departments.

Being a member of the Logan Fire Company No. 1  can be a very rewarding and valuable way to serve our Bellefonte Community. It takes dedication and hours of training to become a Firefighter/EMT.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort, the Logans are ready for you.