100% Volunteer Fire Company 

Come & Join Us!!

We offer the opportunity for you to volunteer in the area that you feel most comfortable with, where you feel you can contribute the most, and where you’ll benefit the most from your volunteering experience. Our membership is split into the following groupings:

Fire Fighters, EMTs, First Responders, Fire Police, Administrative & Social Memberships

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Why Volunteer?

Have you ever heard a siren or seen a fire engine – and wondered what was happening?

Have you ever witnessed or come upon a motor vehicle accident –    and wished you could help?

Have you been there when someone was stricken with sudden illness – and wanted to assist?

Are you looking for new lifelong friendships, challenges and rewards?
​Do you want to become involved in your community?    

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Our Mission

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    120 East Howard Street, Bellefonte, PA 16823, USA

    Business Telephone:   (814) 355-3100    

​    Business Email:  AdminOffice@LoganFireCo1.org

    Chief Director's Email:  Chief@LoganFireCo1.org

    Fundraising Committee Email: Fundraising@LoganFireCo1.org

    Parade Committee Email:  Parade@LoganFireCo1.org

If you wish to make a tax deductible donation to the Logan Fire Company No. 1., write a check to :    Logan Fire Company No. 1. Send donation to: 120 East Howard Street, Bellefonte, PA  16823-1810.

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Contributions are deductible: Public Charity Status 501 (c) (3)

  • 69% of firefighters in the U.S. are volunteers
  • Volunteer time for training, public education, fundraising, and other non-emergency related activities
  • Financially supported by taxes, as well as corporate and other private donations, and federal grants
  • First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, Hazardous Materials 

Logan Fire Company No. 1  is a 100% volunteer fire company composed of volunteers who perform fire suppression and other related emergency services for the Bellefonte Borough and surrounding Spring, Benner, and Marion Townships.


The Logan Fire Company No. 1  had been organized and re-organized, all within the first four years of its initial existence, 1868 to 1872. Through the years, it had been known variously as the Logan Steam Fire Company, Logan Hose No. 1, Logan Hose Company Bellefonte Fire Company,Logan Fire Company of Bellefonte, and what is now the Logan Fire Company No. 1.

Our History

Mission Statement:  The Company's objective shall be the prevention of fires and protection of lives and property of the citizens of the Bellefonte fire protection area and mutual aid areas when called upon. 


"Where Duty calls, there you will find us"

​Logan Fire Company No. 1

Bellefonte, Centre County, Pennsylvania