​Logan Fire Company No. 1

Bellefonte, Centre County, Pennsylvania

The Logan Fire Company No. 1 is a team of volunteers comprised of your neighbors, your friends and maybe even your relatives. They’re people just like you – with families, jobs and active lifestyles, who still find time to give back to their community. Logan Fire Company No. 1 offers a friendly environment for you to discover your capabilities and make the most of your volunteer experience.  

Established in February 1870, we provide comprehensive fire fighting, extrication, specialized rescue, fire prevention education and emergency medical services.  Today, approximately 230 individuals are members, but only approximately 30 are 'active.'

Our equipment consists of Engine 1, Rescue 1, Engine/Rescue 1, Special Unit 1, Brush 1, and Cascade 1. The fire protection service area consists of Bellefonte Borough, sections of Benner, Marion, and Spring Townships. The Logans are one of three entities that make up the 'Bellefonte Fire Department.' The other two entities are the Undine Fire Company #2, and Bellefonte Medical Services  (BEMS), formerly known as 'Logan Fire Company Ambulance Service.' 

Fund raising serves as one of the primary resources for any volunteer Fire Company; join us for annual chicken barbecues, Logan Annual Parade, and other activities.  

The Logans are currently participating in the 'Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner's Voluntary Fire Service Certificate Program.' The Logans continue to be prepared protecting the lives and properties of the citizens of Bellefonte and surrounding townships. The Logans still and continue to be, '100% Volunteer.'  

Logan Fire Company No. 1