​Logan Fire Company No. 1

Bellefonte, Centre County, Pennsylvania

We are Logan Fire Company No. 1

Our volunteer fire company was first to organize in Centre County, PA. It all started in 1868, then formally organized February 25, 1870. The Logans are equipped with an engine, heavy rescue, engine/rescue, special unit, brush truck, and a mobile cascade breathing air fill trailer. 

The Logans are 100% volunteer, responding to an average of 450-500 fire/rescue calls yearly. We are an engine/rescue fire company. 

All training covers basic fire rescue skills such as fire hydrant hookup, exterior/interior firefighting, vehicle rescue, fire suppression techniques, medical operations, search & rescue, and so much more. There is such an opportunity to learn so much, in so many technical areas. 

Our bond is a shared passion and desire to respond during emergencies when the alarm sounds, drop whatever we are doing, respond to our fire station, pull out of the fire station with the needed resources that we have, and make a positive difference for the communities that we serve. 

We are actively recruiting individuals for the following positions: 

  • Firefighter/Rescue:​​
    • Exterior - participates in a support role
    • Interior - participates in interior firefighting operations
  • Fire Police:
    • ​​control traffic flow at incidents to provide emergency vehicles with a quick, safe entrance and exit. Focus will be keeping everyone safe at any incident by halting traffic, blocking roads, and/or detouring traffic. 
  • Junior Firefighters:
    • youths who will join a program that will encourage and prepare them to become firefighters. 
  •  Administration:
    • ​Board of Directors consisting of an elected President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Secretary. This board of individuals manages administrative functions of the Company.