​Logan Fire Company No. 1

Bellefonte, Centre County, Pennsylvania

The following Volunteer Firefighters pictured above make up the 2021 Administrative/Executive Officers. .

From left to right:    Treasurer Shawn J. Smith; Trustee Michael P. Wilson; Trustee George R. Irwin III; Trustee Troy A. Smith; President Paul J. Kline, Jr.;        Membership Secretary Michael L. Weaver; Recording Secretary Courtney D. Lueth; Vice President F. Tom Hand

2021 Executive Officers

President:                          Paul J. Kline, Jr.

Vice President:                  F. Tom Hand

Recording Secretary:        Courtney D. Lueth

Treasurer:                          Shawn J. Smith

Membership Secretary:     Michael L. Weaver

Trustees:                            Michael P. Wilson

                                          Troy A. Smith

                                          George R. Irwin III  (Pete)

2021 Operational Officers

Chief Director:                  Robert A. Pacella

Deputy Chief 1-1:             Kevin T. Snook

Assistant Chief 1-2:          Daniel M. DeCecco

Assistant Chief 1-3:          Bobbi Salvanish

Assistant Chief 1-4:          Michael P. Wilson

Captain 1-1:                      Charles A. Salvanish

Captain 1-2:                      Matthew M. Swartz

Firemen's Relief Logan Board of Control Members:

Charles A. Salvanish (2022); Bobbi Salvanish (2021); Chief Director Robert A. Pacella

Bellefonte Fire Department Logan Executive Committee Members:

J. Timothy Schreffler, Charles A. Salvanish

Logan Chaplain:    Greg Shipe [ Senior Pastor First Baptist Church Bellefonte ]