​Logan Fire Company No. 1

Bellefonte, Centre County, Pennsylvania


If you are interested becoming a member of Logan Fire Company No. 1, visit at 120 E. Howard Street, Bellefonte, PA  16823. You have the option to contact us online, then we can set a date/time to meet. You may complete an online inquiry form and a recruitment coordinator will respond to you in a timely manner. The application has a few steps and will be done as quickly as possible. 

  1. Receive an application
  2. Submit application with appropriate fee [Note: All new members are on a 1-year probationary period] 
  3. Applicant will undergo a criminal record check and an inquiry will be performed with the PA Dept of Health for a child abuse clearance. 
  4. Application will be presented to the membership for approval, applicant will be voted upon by company membership, either approved or denied to membership



If you are approved for membership, the Membership Secretary will contact you as soon as possible.  A date will be set for the 'swearing in' to membership, membership card will be provided. Depending on your interest as a new member, you will be assigned with a mentor/coach to get you started. 

  1. Will be given a tour of the station
  2. Security information regarding access to the fire station will be given
  3. When available, start participating in scheduled Wednesday night's training nights.
  4. Fitted with gear,
  5. Train, work, learn with our firefighters
  6. Added to 'I AM RESPONDING' alert system